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A winning and confident smile can be one of your greatest assets and here at Warwick House Dental Surgery.
People are often unhappy with the appearance of their teeth most commonly because they are discoloured, chipped, worn, crooked or because they have unsightly gaps. The use of advanced cosmetic techniques can change all this and these newer minimally invasive technologies are used extensively at the practise to create a natural and attractive smile.

One such technique is the use of porcelain veneers which are thin 'fingernails' of porcelain bonded to the outer surfaces of teeth. Veneers are strong and very natural looking and can significantly improve the colour, shape and alignment of teeth.


Replace a few missing teeth with a natural looking caps

Teeth Whitening
,( also known as teeth bleaching)

If your teeth are discoloured and yellow from aging or stained from coffee, red wine and smoking then Teeth Whitening is the perfect procedure to rejuvenate your dental appearance without the need for expensive crowns and veneers.
Teeth Whitening works by applying a safe and specially formulated peroxide gel to the teeth either as a one visit stage at the surgery or as a home procedure over a period of two weeks About Dentist in Bracknell


Replace many missing teeth with support to your cheeks and lips


Root canal treatment is a procedure for removing the nerve from badly infected or traumatized teeth.

Oral Surgery

Minor extractions


Treatment of swelling, soreness or infection of the gum tissues


Dental implants have revolutionised the world of dentistry in the last ten years. They usually offer the best way of replacing missing teeth because they are stronger than teeth and avoid dental treatment to other neighbouring natural teeth. The titanium screws are placed under normal local anaesthetic via 'key-hole' surgery. Several months later pillars are attached and crowns and bridges are fitted in the usual manner Dental implants can be used to replace a missing single tooth, to support bridges when several teeth are missing and to provide the anchors to support whole rows of fixed upper or lower teeth.